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Despite the decision of the Ministry of Education and the integration of people with various disabilities in government schools, and despite the announcement of those implementing this decision, but the reality of the families of these students, all of these different approaches, integration is still a minor and does not meet the purpose.


One of the mothers speak on the status of her child, one of the category of "Down syndrome", says: I worked a lot for my daughter, since she was small, and looked a lot because I make her life much better than their peers who are facing neglect and lack of awareness of their condition and sometimes the inability of the family financially the consequences of treatment and rehabilitation of This type of disabilities that are truly difficult and need a lot of effort, money and patience, so as not to worsen the case of disabled and able as possible mergers with other children her age.
And complement, saying: I was very decision to merge and I saw a light on the horizon in front of my child; because live a normal life with other children in school, and here began my journey in search of a private school accepts children between the ranks, but to no avail.