Amira Al Fadel... The ambassador of happiness

amb2Amira Al FadelAmira Al Fadel... The ambassador of happiness The Saudi media figure, Amira Al Fadel, is known for her great love for benevolence, and her support for childhood issues, specifically those of the children with special needs. She has never stopped visiting the students of "Rashid Center for the Disabled" and participating in all their activities and beautiful moments. Due to Amira’s tireless support for children's issues, "Rashid Center for the Disabled " appointed her as the centre’s ambassador, especially since she maintains a wide reputation in the Arab region, and thus have an important impact and mark in the Arab media. Amira Al Fadel grew up in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and studied art and literature. She began her career as a broadcaster in Radio MBC FM and has provided numerous programs across many Rotana channels, and also hosted a program called “Amira” in its different seasons on Al Aan TV, where the aim of the program is to empower the role of women around the Arab world.


Dr. Ahmed Saad Al Sharif... Sports imprint

amb1Dr Ahmed Saad Al Sharif,Dr Ahmed Saad Al Sharif, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council, is well-known personality in the UAE, and one of the active and influential figures characters on the sports scene. But Dr Ahmed, who has a doctorate in sports management, is not only active in his respective field, but he extended his efforts to support the issues of the children and the people with special needs, where he never spared any effort to support and publicize their cases. He also visits and checks on them constantly, and interact with them in their various activities, which made “Rashid Centre for the Disabled" appoint him one of the centre’s ambassador, especially since sports figures maintain good impact on society. Dr Ahmed was one of the figures honoured by "Rashid Center for the Disable ", at a ceremony honoring the Knights of the word, the honoring was a message of love and loyalty from the center to the media family and influential figures in the community, and came in recognition of their role in raising community awareness of the issues of the disabled. And the honoring of Dr. Ahmed came as a recognition for him being one of those who took it upon themselves to introduce and defend the children's issues, and he’s one of those who drew a smile on the lips of the disadvantaged and underprivileged.

Ola Al Fares... Constant Giving

amb3Ola Al FaresOla Al Fares... Constant Giving The Jordanian media figure, Ola Al Fares, is one of the media figures who constantly visits "Rashid Center for the Disabled", and she keeps in memory a set of beautiful moments spent with the students of the center, which appointed her its ambassador, because of her effect in the Arab region. She has previously won an award in the Arab Youth Media Forum in 2009.

Ola Al Fares, was and still is one of the most prominent of those who supported "Rashid Center for the Disabled", and supported its activities, it’s never long before she visits them again, and never begrudged them her time and effort to carry their cause in all honesty and sincerity, and she always revealed their reality without touch ups. Her presence among the children of the centre has always been influential, especially since she never lagged in participating in all then centre’s activities and events, and she feels that her participation brings joy and hope to the hearts of these students.

Lujain Omran... The Ambassador of Tenderness

amb4Lojain OmranLojain Omran, who is known via the "Good Morning Arabs" talk show on MBC, is one of the active "Rashid Center for the Disabled" ambassadors, and she has been known by her large and unlimited support to the issues of childhood, as well as her support to "Rashid Center for the Disabled" where she is keen to participate in the all its activities, and she spares no effort

in introducing the issues of children with special needs and adopting them. Lujain has already participated in the "Stars’ Auction" organized by “Rashid Center for the Disabled” in 2012, with the participation of the elite stars of art and media in the Arab world. Apart from hosting the auction ceremony with the participation of the media figure Saud al-Kaabi, she has contributed through donating her luxurious "Vertu" phone and her Cartier Panther limited edition pen in support for the center’s students. Lujain, who has been visiting "Rashid Center for the Disabled" students, sharing their joy and different occasions, and spending fun times with them, sees that the artist and the media figure’s popularity and fame has no value without offering everything he can to noble issues and objectives,and it does not make sense to stardom when the star loses the right track, and therefore she has persistently continued to support, as much as possible, the center and all the deeds of goodness and righteousness. Lujain, of Saudi origins, began her career in 1999 working in the banking industry in Riyadh, to move after a long time working in this area, to host "Good Morning Arabs" talk show on MBC, which was preceded by her work in Bahrain TV and Rotana Khaleejiya. She also practiced the profession of written journalism through her participation in a number of magazines, and she was chosen by «Dar Al Sada» as the most influential figure for the Youth in 2009, and as the best anchor in 2009 in "Zahrat Al Khaleej" magazine.

Maysa Maghrebi... Warm Love for the Disabled

amb5Maysa MaghrebiMaysa Maghrebi retains a wide reputation in the Gulf and the Arab region. She has participated, and still is, ​​during her career in a set of dramas that won high viewing figures, most notably the series "Hawameer Al Sahraa’", "Aaqareb Al Sa’aa", “Awraq Al Hob”, “Lo’bat Al Maraa Rajol” and others. She also played distinguished roles featured in a number of plays, including" Do Re Mi Fasolia" and "Dah El Nom Ya Arab", "Al Hamurah" and “Banat Fatima", besides her experience as a TV Presenter via the "Millionaire" and the program" Maysa bala hodoud" on “Al Aan” TV. Maysa is known for her warm love for children, especially those with special needs, and her constant defense of their cases, as well as her defense of women's issues and her rejection of violence, which has emerged clearly during the reality television program "Maysa bala hodoud", or “Maysa without borders”, where she touched many of these issues is not only in the UAE , but in the whole Arab region. Maysa has earned a well-deserved title of “Rashid Center for the Disabled" Ambassador, she is one of the celebrities who routinely visit the center, look at the needs of his students, in addition to spending beautiful moments with them. For them, Maysa participated in "Stars’ Auction", which was organized by the center in 2012, where she bought the Chanel sunglasses of Nabila Obeid, that the latter wore in the film "Ma Fish Gher Kedah", for 60 thousand dirhams. It is noteworthy that Maysa holds a degree in Business Administration in Marketing from Paris,

and has established a production company in Dubai Media City.