Physiotherapists provide assessment and ongoing treatment for children with difficulties in muscle strength, range and quality of movement, tone and gross motor development. We assist families with acquiring equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, standards and splints if they should be required, to assist in the development process. In 1994, Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre opened with just one physiotherapist. When the centre moved from the villa to the new location in Al Barsha it expanded its team to include three physiotherapists. Each therapist is responsible for one Integrated Learning Group class where the focus is to provide therapy throughout the child\'s school day. The programme in these classes is based on a conductive education style learning environment where the child is active and motivated to learn ways to overcome their individual challenges. Each therapist also does one on one sessions for children who need very specific training and balance groups with those children who require refining of their gross motor skills. At Rashid, we strongly believe in the holistic approach and therefore work closely with Special Educators, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Therapists and the child\'s family. Our treatment sessions can be in a small group or individual setting where we focus the activities to enable the child to build up their independence and functional ability within their daily life and cultural norms. Where children do not require specific training, a physiotherapist will work with the class teacher on a consultation basis to guide gross motor activities within class and play time. For the child to benefit the most out of their sessions they need to participate and therefore all activities have to have a level of fun included! Physiotherapy does not stop at the door however, we also expect the families to be involved and carry out physiotherapy throughout the child\'s day whether they are at home, the playground or at school. This consolidates any learning that the child does within therapy sessions and assists them to achieve success and reach their goals. Home visits also occur to ensure that all aspects of the child's environment have been addressed and to work with families to promote the child's therapy program within their home. It is important for the physiotherapist to understand the workings in the home to enable them to set achievable, realistic and meaningful goals for the child.We also provide therapy for children outside of the centre through an Early Intervention Program for children 0-3 years of age. This may involve group or individual sessions and works on the basis that the sooner a child with motor difficulties starts to work at developing their skills the more likely they are to attain their skills at an appropriate age. For the older child and those that attend mainstream school there is an afternoon out patient service. Each child will be individually assessed and a plan and objectives for treatment will be made in conjunction with the parents. As with all therapies, parents are expected to carry out a certain amount of therapy at home to ensure that the child reaches the best possible outcome.