The communication section offers speech-language therapy in both English and Arabic. Children are seen for individual sessions as required and therapists also run weekly language groups within the classrooms. These sessions are aimed at working with the classroom teachers to develop environments in which children are given many opportunities to communicate throughout the day. Therapy may focus on developing any aspect of communication skills such as listening, taking turns, understanding, expressive language, vocabulary, articulation, voice and fluency. For children who are unable to communicate vocally we work to develop an augmentative communication system. This may include the use of sign language (we use the Makaton system) or a picture symbol system.

We encourage the use of visual communication strategies, such as picture timetables, throughout the classrooms to support the children's understanding.

In conjunction with the Occupational therapists and Physiotherapists we are also involved in developing children's eating and drinking skills.

We recognize the importance of working with parents to develop children's communication skills. We use home-school notebooks to facilitate this communication.

In addition to working with children in classes at RPTC, therapists also offer therapy to paediatric outpatients from the wider community. These may be pre-school children or children who attend other mainstream schools. We endeavour to maintain good links with other professionals working with our clients.