"Twelve Stellars"... The gem of the Sheikh Rashid Award for the Humanitarian Studies

"Sheikh Rashid Award for the Humanitarian Studies" issued a book: "Twelve Stellars" for the researcher Dr. Abdul HakimAnees, senior researcher in the Directorate of Research in the=Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai, a prize winner at its 11th session, talking of the role of women in the care of the disabled, and dedicated to every woman caring for a sick child.The book highlights the role of women and their contribution to the establishment ofrehabilitation and training centers for people with special needs, and their dispatch of mobile clinics for treatment, and their assistance to the families of the disabled. The “Twelve Stellars” represent the twelve woman mentioned in Dr. Anees’s book, whom some left their bodies and left his name illuminating the sky, such as the mother of believers Aisha Bint Abu Bakr, mayGod bless her soul, while some is still shining and leading among us, such as the "Mother of Emirates" Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, known for her livelihood for others more than to live for herself. The book mentioned women from the general Arab community, among them a Damascene woman, and Jordanian girl. Dr. Al Anees sealed his book with the valuable ​​words: "True women of this world, you are such, and so you should be" and of which he aimedto be of use, learning and emulation of the stellars work with humanity and with disabilities.

The mother in “Rashid" publications... A gesture of loyalty and honor

"Rashid Center for the Disabled" gave the mother a great place, where he consistently appreciated her in all the activities and events that would be organized, for the centre’s belief in the role played by the mother in life, bearing the burden of upbringing and maintaining the foundations of society. The centre also believes in the role and responsibility of the mother

toward the disabled who denies her life for them, and for that the center makes sure to celebrate its students’ mothers through honoring and celebrating them. For them the centre’s management used to issue specialized books in the courtesy of the mother, including the book "Thank you Mama" which included from cover to cover a wide range of poems written for the mother along with pictures of the centre’s children with their mothers taken in a cozy atmosphere reflecting the extent of her tenderness towards her children. The second book is entitled "To my mother" and talks about the rights of the mother, the status of women in Islam, and the evolution of women's rights throughout history and the chapter deals with reviewing historical social and legal conditions of women's in ancient societies until the advent of Islam. In another chapter the book takes us on the trip of women’s liberation. The book devotes as well an entire chapter in which he reviewed the life of the writer May Ziadeh which is one of the pioneers in the Arab women's renaissance.

Rashid through their eyes

A fine print book that includes about 100 figures who visited Rashid Center for the  Disabled and supported its efforts such as Their Highnesses the Sheikhs, senior officials,  Rashid ambassadors, stars of art and sport, as well as strategic sponsors and partners of  the center.The book will include their profile images along with their quotes stating their support or thought on the centre.

20 Years of Giving

A book that documents the journey that Rashid Center for the Disabled fore-took from the moment of its incorporation to 2014. It includes the a detailed view of Rashid’s members of the boards of directors of the center, it also highlights the objectives and the message carried by the center, the most important services, educational and health departments comprising the center and the most prominent stations and events in the journey of the center in terms of:

● Rashid Humanitarian Figure

● Rashid Award for Humanitarian Studies

● Rashid Humanitarian Forum

● Stars’ Auction

● Dubai International Art Symposium

It includes as well the most prominent events and activities and visits of the most prominent personalities, companies and institutions in support of the Center, the strategic partnerships and agreements signed by the Center, Rashid through the eyes of the press and the media and the vision for the future.


"Mohammed bin Rashid... A new era"

In recognition of it for his leading role in the service of humanity, Rashid Center for the Disabled issued in 2008 the book "Mohammed bin Rashid... A new era" that aimed to introduce the achievements of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler Dubai, "May God bless him", and his historic role in the progress journey achieved by the UAE in general and Dubai in particular, with an emphasis on his role of in the area of​ care for childhood issues and the people with special needs issues. In addition to documenting the achievements of the "Sheikh Rashid Award of the human personality", the book was released in both Arabic and English and consists of 380 pages, and several

chapters dealing with his Highness’s emergence, his upbringing, his leadership qualities, his achievements in various fields, and how he managed to move Dubai and the UAE to the ranks of developed countries. The book also discussed the qualities of Mohammed bin Rashid the father, the commander, the strategic planner, and strategic development projects launched by

Dubai on the road to become the commercial and financial center of choice in the world.